Our products

No added sugar

We don't use white sugar! We replace it with a natural sweetener - xylitol.

Without preservatives

We do not use preservatives. We use only natural ingredients in our products.

Health itself

Our products are a rich source of vitamins. They contain vitamin B12 and Omega3 acids.

Cod paste with Chili HOT - heaven in my mouth 👍 we recommend it with my husband 🔥🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶
We are delighted! simple composition, a lot of fish can be felt and the most important thing is that it is Baltic cod, not Atlantic cod! it is perfect for a gift, but I suggest taking more than one jar, otherwise you will regret it!
One of the best products I have ever eaten. Paprykarz with millet, I ate it all directly from the jar 😋 I heartily recommend and wish you a tasty meal 🙂
Paprykarz - * AWESOME * !! Very tasty, amazing ingredients, well seasoned! Keep it up💪🏼

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